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Now, as part of the promotion, we are offering free Fender Set and a Rear Rack, a total value of $158.

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*Pre-sale announcement
Thanks to consumers' support and recognition of the X-Hunter ebike, Jasion X-Hunter sales exceeded 10,000 units during the BFCM, resulting in the current X-Hunter model being sold out. We will ship the currently purchased X-Hunter model on 2024/2/3. To express our sincere gratitude for your understanding and patience, we have launched two compensation measures (choose one of the two) for customers who purchased X-Hunter electric bicycles after 2023/12/6. This offer cannot be enjoyed at the same time as other offers, please contact us after receiving your X-Hunter on 2024/2/6.
1. Every X-Hunter e-bike purchased now comes with 2 additional baskets as compensation;
2. Get a $50 refund per bike.

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1-year Warranty

14-Day Trial

Currently, we have an inventory of 8000 units available for immediate shipping. Delivery within 3-5 days to your specified location. Jasionbike also offers local pickup services. If you prefer self-pickup, please contact customer service two days in advance. Pickup location: #1.MNR1(X-Hunter-Black)Address: 24 Engelhard Dr. Suite D, Monroe Township, NJ, US 08831 (back side of building, loading dock 15 )#2.RIA(X-Hunter-Grey, Blue, White)Address:2380 W Baseline Road Dock Door #3, Rialto, CA 92376

All Jasion bikes are covered under our manufacturer's 1-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects (All free Accessories are not covered by warranty service).

For non-quality issues, customer may ask for product replacement or return within 14 days after receiving it. The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost of $180. Jasion will provide a return shipping label, and the designated carrier will collect the return package.
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1-5 Gear Levels

Speed From 30+ Mph

Motor 1400W

Rear-Wheel Drive Motor

Max 480 Lbs

Weight Capacity 480 Lbs

48V 13Ah

Battery Capacity

Range 71 Miles

Single Charge Range

90 Nm

90 Nm Of Torque

UL 2849

UL Certification

6.5-7 Hours

To Fully Charge

Introduction to the X-Hunter Parts Exploded View

The speed for each PAS level of Jasion® X-Hunter

PAS1 Top speed 16mph,PAS2 Top speed 18mph,PAS3 Top speed 20mph,PAS4 Top speed 23mph,PAS5 Top speed 30+mph

Equipped With A Powerful 1400W Motor

Delivering 90 Nm of torque within just 2 seconds in the 5-speed setting. The motor, designed with a sine wave structure, allows you to effortlessly control your riding speed across gears 1 to 5, providing a customizable and intuitive riding experience.

Samsung/LG 48V13A Battery

Utilizing the newly developed 18650 battery cells from Samsung SDI, each lithium-ion single cell measures 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length, combining to form a 48V10A configuration. JasionBike incorporates a quick-detachable sealed design achieving an IPX-6 waterproof rating. The battery is removable for charging and holds UL 2271 international certification.

Electronic Control Configuration

Assist Mode: Effortless walking and pushing the bike without exertion.
Sport Mode: Enhanced torque for quick acceleration and higher power output.
Pedal Assist Mode: Easier pedaling while still enjoying the fun of cycling.
Pure Electric Mode: No need to pedal; control the speed using electronic controls

Full Suspension System for Ebike

X-Hunter employs a front fork with manually adjustable shock absorption and a four-link mechanism to achieve a high-intensity suspension effect for the entire bike. The multi-link suspension configuration enables integrated dissipation of forces, allowing X Hunter to bear a load capacity of up to 480 pounds. Whether navigating snowy terrain, rough surfaces, or mountain trails, it provides a stable and comfortable riding experience.

Multi-Stage Disassembly

Jasion Bike takes pride in its cutting-edge quick multi-stage disassembly design. With no need for cumbersome tools, just a few simple steps allow for the rapid disassembly of various components, ensuring easy portability and storage.

Guidance on switching X-Hunter on and off and removing batteries

1. On the right side of the electric bike, insert the key into the lock hole. At this time, the electric bike is turned off.
2. Turn the key to the right to start the electric bike.
3. Turn the key to the left to turn the electric bike off. Press the key inward and turn it to the left until the button is recessed. Remove the key and take out the battery.

The Main Features

More detailed feature introduction for the X-Hunter Electric Bicycle

  • Big Bike Saddle
  • Fat Tire
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Lighting configuration
  • Feature Configuration
  • Folding Size
  • Disc Brake
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  • Geometry
  • Specification
  • Box Product List
  • A -- Seat tube 14.4"

  • B -- Chainstay 16.9"

  • C -- Effective Top Tube 29"

  • D -- Head Tube 5.5"

  • E -- Handlebar Height 45.3"-50"

  • F -- Minimum Seat Height 30.7"

  • G -- Maximum Seat Height 37.8"

  • H -- Wheelbase 44.5"

  • I -- Total Length 67.3"

  • Battery  48V 13Ah

  • Charger US Standard 2.0 A Smart Charger

  • Range 71 Miles

  • Controller 48V / 13A

  • Hub Motor PEAK 1400W

  • Display LCD Display

  • Total Payload Capacity  480 LBS

  • Weight  71LBS

  • Recommended Rider Heights 5'2" to 6'3"

  • Pedal Assist Intelligent  0~5 Level Pedal Assist

  • Tires  20" x 4" Puncture Resistant Tires

  • Throttle  Twist Throttle

  • Rear Light  Left and right turn signal brake lights

  • Suspension With locking and adjustment functions.



  • 1* User Manual

  • 2* Pedals

  • 1* Front Wheel Screw

  • 1* Front Wheel

  • 1* Seat with Tail Light

  • 1* Toolkit

  • 2* Keys

  • 1* Charger

X-Hunter FAQs

Customer Stories

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
mark L.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Assembly would be easier with one good video. I watched 4 different videos to figure it out. It was a fun challenge
Old Dentist on Jasion X Hunter

I have artifial knees from old sport injuries. I just bought a Jasion X Hunter to commute to my office, a 30 min ride. The Bike exceeds expectations. At 6’ 4” , I’m comfortable. Knees feel great. I still feel like a 12 yr old everyone I hop on. Thank you

Kim E.R.
Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Gift for husband

He loves the bike so far, lts sturdy, looks great and rides great. It was easy to assemble and the seat is very comfortable. I would recommend this bike and you can’t beat the price.

Charles S.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Offer a bike with a second battery mounted on the bike so you could travel over a hundred miles a day

Very well built bike

Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Make a better attachment for the rear basket

I received my bike by fed-ex in 7 days from the order. I had no problems putting the bike together in-fact it was quite simple. I had an issue with the front light and horn not working but found the issue within a couple of minutes (the light/horn had become unplugged under the wire harness cover) Replugged-fixed. No other mechanical or cosmetic issues with the bike. I do not like how the rear basket attaches to the bike. 1- The bolts are to long. 2- The mounting brackets are too long. I bought 4 shorter locking bolts to replace the longer bolts and I cut the mounting brackets a half inch on each end which fixed the awkward attachment. I also used 4 zip ties as a stabilizing back up to the bracket. Note make sure to tighten the handle bar and seat. I spent a total of 1 hour building the bike including my bracket alteration and fixing the light/horn. First ride (after putting a full charge on the battery) was comfortable. I live on top of a fairly steep hill, I am a big guy (300 lbs). I set the bike on 5 and used electric power only. Brakes were a little noisy which could be caused by newness. I road the bike on both concrete drive and on rough grass field. Bike handled beautifully. My driveway is 400 feet long with half of it on a steep incline (approximately 45 degrees). On 5 using full throttle with less than 200 feet of ramp up speed the bike made it to within 5 feet of the top. My friend who weighs 150 lbs easily made it to the top. Again my 300 lbs is most likely the reason. It was a fun ride and I am so far impressed with the bike. In the next couple days I plan on taking a longer (several miles ride) and expect the bike will perform as advertised.

Braulio S.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Add the E 008 scenario to the fault condition in your manual.
Jasion X Hunter

Great product, good quality and value. Received as expected. There was an error code, E 008, after removing the cable wrap I found that the cable from the throttle was disconnected. Problem resolved by making the connection. Otherwise, everything was very satisfactory.

Carl C.
Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Depends on Situation
Let's go hunting!

Second E-bike I have. I bought it to get me to my stands silently. I really like the fold-up feature. So far, so good!

john v.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: John Verlin
Best ebike I own!

I own five other ebikes, including two 26 inch all terrain bikes. One has full suspension like this new x-Hunter does.

I purchased Jasion's EV-7 with dual suspension. I sold it after I saw this x-Hunter as full suspension.

It makes a difference in how smooth it rides and gets around. Couple that with the large, comfortable gel seat and it's a pleasure to ride.

It's solid, quick and nimble--beats my other bikes out period.

I like the idea that it folds up for travel, even though I just ride it to the store, drugstore, etc.

I'm tempted to buy a second one in a different color just because I like it so much.

Totally would recommend this bike. It's all you need for ebike enjoyment in a great package. Even has a separate button for the lights and bell!

Mark S.
Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Depends on Situation
Suggestion: Technical info on "P" codes, what they do, & how they effect the bike's ride experience. Make the user guide explanation of buttons & controls match the bike.
First electric bike experience

I'm 72. This is my first experience with an electric bike. I have a plan for this bike other than joyriding down paved bike paths around town. After researching LOTS of bikes, I chose the Jasion X-Hunter. It offered the best solution for the money. Payload was important. The Jasion X-Hunter offers 330 lbs. I'm a 'big' guy, (6' & fat, 260lbs; not over weight, just too short 😂😂), with a bum knee. I enjoy white tail deer hunting, but it's getting difficult to get into the woods, to scout & hunt with my gear. The Jasion X-Hunter will, I believe, help me greatly in this endeavor. The 20" x 4" wheels & tires are perfect for off-road & no-road situations. The height is not too high to swing my leg over, yet high enough to have good ground clearance under the peddle crank hub. The 750 watt motor has plenty of power to easily move over any terrain. My plan is to tow a nylon cargo sled loaded with a small blind and archery equipment to and from my hunting locations. I'm not sure of the travel range, but the advertized 20 miles on full throttle should be sufficient for my needs, so no worries there. If that becomes an issue, I'll buy & pack an extra battery.

When not using the X-Hunter for hunting, I will used it for exercise, by joyriding around & running errands. While you don't have to peddle, you can, & the peddle assist mode is a wonder to experience. It makes riding a bike truly pleasant. No more struggling up hills, or pushing your bike up them.

The suspension system is amazing. It really smooths things out. The seat is plenty comfortable, too. The 4" tires make for a smooth ride & have plenty of ground gripping power.

I looked at other e-bikes with comparable features, but Jasion offered the best value.

Assemble was a snap, no issues there. The rear gear derailer needed some adjustment, but that was easy enough if your familiar with conventional bikes with gear of that type. Otherwise, any bike shop can help you.

The one thing I'm disappointed in is there is very little to no technical information about the control codes. These codes allow someone with the technical savvy to tailor the bike's performance to their liking. Most people want to go faster, I want to go shower, but can't find the codes to make that happen. Jasion support is mediocre at best & seems to just regurgitate the user guide, which is an edited version of one written for a different model of their bikes. Other than that, I'm happy with my purchase & expect to get a lot of use from this bike.

Tom K.
Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Not to shabby. I like it

Took it out for a ride this morning. Plenty of starting out power for a 250 pound fellow.

Willy B.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: All is good
Awesome bike

The X Hunter has all the features that I wanted. I really like the rear suspension. Now me and my wife have Jasion e-bikes.