How to keep chain stable

In case the chain keeps falling off, it could be due to a loose transmission. To rectify this issue, you can adjust the transmission by following the steps outlined below:

Shift into gear 7 and rotate the cranks forward, which should move the chain onto the smallest cog.

Tighten the barrel adjuster on the derailleur by turning it counterclockwise between 1/2 to one full turn.

Test the alignment by shifting through all the gears while rotating the cranks forward simultaneously. Ensure that the derailleur moves the chain to each gear smoothly.

Repeat the adjustment by turning the barrel adjuster counterclockwise in 1/2 to one full turn increments and testing the shifting.

Avoid turning the barrel adjuster counterclockwise all the way to prevent the adjuster from coming out of the threaded hole.

Once the issue is resolved, reinstall the battery and test the bike thoroughly.

If the problem persists, please contact our customer support and send us a video to help us identify the issue accurately: