Brake Adjustment

Brake Adjustment

To adjust your brake for optimal performance, follow these steps:

Check if the disc brake is centered between the brake caliper and brake pad. If not, loosen the caliper bolts and wiggle the caliper loose, then hold down the brake lever. This will center the caliper over the disc with the help of the brake pads. Tighten the caliper bolts equally and evenly while holding down the brake lever. Repeat this step if necessary until the caliper is aligned correctly.

Turn the barrel adjuster on the brake caliper out a few turns to prevent overtightening of the brake cable. Loosen the lockring on the barrel adjuster, rotate the barrel adjuster away from the brake caliper body, and tighten the lockring.

Loosen the cable pinch bolt with a 5mm Allen wrench to allow the cable to move. Push the brake caliper arm up the brake cable gently while pulling the cable downward to make it taut. Tighten the cable pinch bolt to secure the brake cable.

Spin the wheel to check if it spins freely. If not, loosen the lockring and barrel adjuster counterclockwise a couple of turns and tighten the lockring to increase cable tension and prevent overtightening of the outer pad. Repeat this step until the wheel spins freely.