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Unleash Your E-Bike's Full Potential: Jasion Free Battery Replacement Event!

Unleash Your E-Bike's Full Potential: Jasion Free Battery Replacement Event!

Winter is upon us, and at Jasion, we understand the unique challenges that come with colder temperatures, especially for electric bike enthusiasts. As the mercury drops, battery performance can take a hit, resulting in a notable decrease in range. Moreover, extended periods of inactivity can potentially harm your e-bike's power source.

Why the Winter Worries?

The winter blues shouldn't dampen your e-bike adventures. We recognize the impact that chilly weather can have on battery life, affecting the joy and convenience your electric bike brings. To alleviate your concerns, we've crafted a solution that ensures you stay in the saddle, no matter the season.

Introducing Jasion's Winter-Ready Offer: Free Battery Replacement!

From November 21, 2023, to March 31, 2024, Jasion is excited to present an exclusive opportunity for our valued customers. Purchase an electric bike during this period, and you're eligible for a complimentary battery replacement. Yes, you read that right – a brand-new battery to keep your rides smooth and worry-free!

How It Works: Simple and Hassle-Free

1. Purchase a Jasion E-Bike: Choose your preferred model from our wide range of electric bikes between the specified dates.

2. Enjoy Your Rides: Take your e-bike on thrilling adventures, whether it's cruising through the city streets or exploring off-road trails.

3. Worry-Free Riding: If you encounter any issues with your battery during this period, we've got you covered. We'll replace it at absolutely no cost to you.

4. Pay Only $50 for Postage: The only thing you need to cover is a minimal $50 postage fee. We'll handle the rest.

Why Choose Jasion?

At Jasion, we believe in offering not just electric bikes but an experience that stands the test of time. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation sets us apart. With the winter-ready offer, we aim to provide peace of mind, ensuring your e-bike is always ready for the next adventure.

Don't let the winter blues affect your e-bike experience. Embrace the thrill of riding with Jasion's Free Battery Replacement offer. Seize this limited-time opportunity and keep your electric bike running at its best. Winter is coming, but your e-bike is ready for the challenge!

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william Reedy

william Reedy

Hello, My new bike has offer new battery replacement program. What is the last day to take advantage of this replacement? Is it good for 1 year? Bike will be delivered 1st week in march.


Gary Probert

Gary Probert

What is the cost of a spare battery for my X Hunter arriving in Freuary?
Thank you

Jason Bree

Jason Bree

When will my x hunter bike be delivered. The site says they are in stock.All my added accessories are being delivered one by one. Starting today December 15th 2023. Will I be compasated for a late delivery?

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