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How to Use Jasion X-hunter E-Bike Features?

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Are you fed up with the daily traffic grind and high gas prices? Say hello to the Jasion X-hunter E-Bike, the commuting vehicle of the future! This e-bike has taken the market by storm, providing users with a thrilling yet environmentally friendly ride on two wheels. You might question what sets it apart, given its rising popularity. We're exploring right into that today.

For the best possible riding experience, it's essential to understand all of your e-bike's features. Knowing how to utilize the features of the Jasion X-hunter E-Bike will enable you to take full advantage of its capabilities, whether riding to work, going on an adventure, or just taking a leisurely ride. We've got you covered with this complete guide on everything from battery management to everyday maintenance.

Product Overview

When it comes to blending advanced technology with rider-centric features, the Jasion X-hunter E-Bike truly outdoes itself. Let's start with the big talking point: the horst-link Suspension system. This feature ensures you glide over bumps and potholes like mere pebbles. With the Horst-link acting as your cushion, every ride transforms into a smooth escapade.

jasion x-hunter full suspension

(close up view of horst-link suspension)

Now, let's talk tires. The Jasion X-hunter sports fat 20" x 4" tires are built to conquer any terrain. Whether it's the beach, a muddy trail, or a snowy path, these tires ensure you’re not just riding but dominating the landscape.

But that’s not all. This e-bike also boasts an LCD display to update you on your speed, battery level, and more. You also get a handy front light switch, a horn switch, and display controls for a customized riding experience. Don't forget the throttle twist feature for when you want that extra kick of speed! Additionally, the e-bike is equipped with a headlight and tail light for enhanced safety and front and rear suspension systems coupled with disc brakes for unparalleled control.

Getting the Basics Right: Positioning and Suspension

Before you rev up your Jasion X-hunter E-Bike and hit the road, let's ensure you've got the basics down. Trust us: the key to an enjoyable ride starts with simple yet crucial details like seat positioning and suspension adjustments.

  • Seat Positioning

Ever felt discomfort or even pain during or after a bike ride? Chances are, your seat height wasn't properly adjusted. According to your leg length, finding the perfect seat position is essential for a comfortable and efficient ride. Get it right, and you'll notice a significant difference in pedaling efficiency, safety, and overall comfort. For more guidance, check out this helpful guide on what size electric bike you need. Besides an adjustment; it's a game-changer for your e-bike experience.

install the seat

Adjusting the Suspension Fork

adjusting the suspenshion fork

The Jasion X-hunter doesn't just come with any suspension; it features an 80mm travel fork that absorbs the bumps and irregularities on the road like a sponge. Floating over rocky trails and uneven terrain as if riding on air. Plus, if you're in the mood for more efficiency during your ride, you can lock out the suspension to turn it into a rigid fork.

By understanding seat positioning and leveraging the state-of-the-art suspension features, you can optimize your entire experience on the Jasion X-hunter E-Bike.

Start-up Procedure

Starting up your Jasion X-hunter E-Bike isn't just about turning a key; it's a series of important steps that ensure you're ready for a safe, smooth, and enjoyable ride. Let's not forget before you even think about hitting that power button, make sure your battery is fully charged. A full charge is the secret sauce to maximizing your bike's range and performance right from the get-go.

Quick Start-up Guide

  • Test the Battery Lock: Ensure the key port aligns with the 'on' position and is securely locked to the frame.
  • Handlebar and Seat Adjustment: These should be at comfortable heights. Double-check that everything is securely fastened.
  • Power On: Locate the LCD display controls near the left handlebar grip and hold down for a second to power it up.
  • Lighting: Turn on the trail light or headlight by a long press on the button. Adjust brightness as needed.
  • Pedal Assistance: Choose your level of pedal assistance (0-5) using the + and - buttons on the LCD display.
  • Gear Up: Put on safety gear, choose a low gear, and you're good to go.
  • Throttle Tips: The throttle is your friend for quick acceleration. But remember, handle it with care and only when you're on the bike.

With these seven easy steps, you can enjoy your Jasion X-hunter E-Bike ride, ensuring a seamless ride each time you decide to hit the road or trail.

Battery Management

Getting the most out of your Jasion X-hunter starts with understanding its battery management. Here's a comprehensive guide to mastering your e-bike's power source.

Battery Key Options

Battery Key Options

Three key positions control your battery's functions. In Position 1, your battery is on, locked to the frame, and the key can't be removed—this is your go-to for riding. Position 2 is 'OFF,' but the battery remains locked to the frame. In this state, no controls on your bike can be activated. Rotate to Position 3 for battery removal, which unlocks it from the frame.

How to Remove the Battery?

Removing your battery is as simple as turning the key to Position 3 and carefully pulling it out. Make sure to handle it with care to avoid any damage.

Charging Your E-Bike

Charging requires some precautions. First, ensure the battery is in the 'OFF' state by aligning the key with Position 2. Remove the rubber cover from the charging port and plug in the charger. Look for the LED charge status light; it will turn red during charging and green once fully charged. Always unplug the charger from the wall first before disconnecting from the battery.

You can optimize your Jasion X-hunter performance and longevity by mastering these battery management steps.

Mastering the Controls

So, you love your Jasion X-hunter E-Bike, but are you using its LCD display properly? Let's dive into how to navigate this small but mighty interface, which is key to optimizing your e-bike experience.

LCD Display Settings

LCD Display Settings

Want to personalize your ride? It’s simple with the Jasion X-hunter's LCD display. To enter the settings, simultaneously press the "+" and "-" buttons. Now you're in the 'Setting Mode.' To confirm changes or move to the next setting, just tap 'i.' If you’re all set and want to exit, hold 'i' longer.

Another feature is the TC Mode, which offers you control over your trip data. Want to keep your trip records after you turn off the bike? Navigate to TC Mode, where 'Y' indicates you must clear the trip manually, and a customized trip experience is just a few button presses away!

The Importance of Understanding Your E-Bike's Controls

Getting familiar with your LCD display isn’t just about convenience but enhancing your e-bike journey. Modifying settings or tracking your trip can make each ride a tailored experience. Trust us, taking the time to master these controls is worth every minute for the enriched riding experience you'll receive.

Daily Care and Maintenance to Keep Your Bike in Top Shape

We all love the smooth rides and power-packed performance of our Jasion X-hunter E-Bikes, right? But just like any valuable possession, it also needs some TLC to keep running at its best. Here's your quick guide to daily care and maintenance, ensuring your e-bike stays in tip-top shape for years.

Routine Checks and Maintenance Tips

  • Cleaning and Storage:

Notice a stubborn stain on your e-bike's frame? A simple wipe with a damp cloth usually does the trick. For more resilient grime, a dab of toothpaste can work wonders. Remember, no high-pressure sprays, please they could cause damage.

  • Battery Care:

Stick to the original battery pack; off-brand models may compromise your safety. Keep those contacts untouched and the casing intact. And always use the original power adapter to prevent any mishaps.

How to Keep Your E-Bike in Prime Condition?

  • Battery Maintenance:

Post-ride, make it a habit to charge your battery fully. A fully juiced battery gives you an optimal ride and prolongs the battery life.

  • Storage and Disposal:

Keep your e-bike in a cool, dry place between 14°F and 104°F. Humid conditions can be a battery killer. Avoid letting your bike bake in the sun; UV rays can be as harmful as rain and snow.

  • Daily Use:

Run low on battery? Charge it ASAP. Consistently draining your battery completely shortens its lifespan.

Follow these tips to gear up and ride on worry-free!

Wrapping Up!

Understanding your Jasion X-hunter E-Bike's features is about getting the most out of your purchase but optimizing your riding experience and safety. So get familiar first and then hop on to experience a ride like never before.

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Robert Solis

Robert Solis

My Jasion X-Hunter has 3 speed only PAS 1 up to 12 mph ,PAS 2 28 mph PAS 3 has 30 mph, I Don’t see PAS 4 and 5, what’s wrong, manual shows 5 speed.

Daniel Provost

Daniel Provost

Est ce possible de changer le lcd display est ce que c est garantie

Daniel provost

Daniel provost

Est ce possible de changer le lcd display est ce que cela est. Garantie.

Chad Fish

Chad Fish

Unable to achieve speeds over 22-23 mph going down hill in pedal assist setting #5.
Also, Unable to locate any personalized settings.
Both of these issues seem to be discussed over and over again but no reply’s or info given.
How do we get in contact with anyone to help with these questions. The EB7 ST has a much more complete manual and will outrun the Xhunter going 28mph as advertised.

Not impressed in the X-Hunter at all compared to the EB7 ST bike we received as a combo.
Will see how the advertised range get us after getting a full charge.



Why isn’t there a programming manual with the bike? The controller on the X Hunter is crap compared to the EB7 and the EB7 was less money and it had a more complete manual!
Very disappointed with my purchase. I’ll be sure and post an honest review on my YouTube channel. I don’t want others getting suckered by all the sponsored videos on the bike.

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