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Jasion Launches X-Hunter All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

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We are excited to announce that Jasion launches X-Hunter All Terrain Fat Tire  Folding Electric Bike. With this essential addition to our eBike lineup, you can ride farther and more comfortably than ever before while conquering any hill. You can easily handle steep inclines, muddy trails, and tough terrain with the X-Hunter's powerful 750W motor's unrivaled torque and acceleration, this all-terrain electric bike will take you wherever your journey takes you.

Jasion's first foldable e-bike, equipped with a four-bar suspension system, provides a more comfortable ride compared to previous suspension systems. A front suspension fork, four integrated lights, and a fully integrated battery provide the highest level of comfort and safety regardless of the terrain or time of day. With its built-in fenders and rear rack, the X-Hunter can transport anything from office supplies to picnic food without suffering damage from the weather.

With X-Hunter, you may intuitively increase your effort while riding or can pedal manually. With a 570w power motor, this high-end folding electric bike is the first of its kind. It is a massive improvement that allows you to use all Shimano 7 gears of the bike’s drivetrain.

Key Characteristics:

  • Now Enjoy Our Very First four-bar Oil Spring Shock Absorber Electric Bike!

A front four-bar oil spring suspension fork means you can ride anywhere and everywhere with comfort and confidence. Adjustable to match your preferences, X-Hunter can absorb every bump in the road with an adjustable seat post you best feel on the road! The X-Hunter's high-performance inverted front suspension fork ensures extraordinary shock absorption and accurate handling, providing a smooth, comfortable ride over tough terrain.

  • Assist Pedal & Throttle

We felt it was crucial to keep one of the characteristics that so many of our customers are familiar with and love, even though many e-bikes do not have a throttle. This eBike maintains class 3 performance and has five degrees of aid, allowing you to reach a top speed of 28 mph.

  • Our Hub Motor 48V/13Ah Battery eBike Will Take You Further!

The 48V/13Ah battery system of the X Hunter has a combined capacity of over 750wh. With the extensive battery system of any eBike in this price range, you can travel up to 40-54milesmiles on a single charge. A 750W rear hub motor that is powerful can help you find your level. You can reach your destination quickly thanks to a torque sensor and a fully integrated fast-charging battery.

  • A Newly Designed High Strength Aluminum Alloy Electric Bike Frame

The newly designed High-Step frame of this eBike supports a stylish battery layout, with a custom integrated battery on the top tube for quick and simple removal.

  • 160mm Mechanical Disc Brake eBike

You may ride with more assurance thanks to these brakes' improved stopping power and smoother braking sensation.

  • LED Lights

X-Hunter has our brand-new integrated light system, which includes our Front headlight 48V LED light, Tail light 48V LED light, and our brand-new lever-activated brake light.

  • Built-in Rack & Fenders

Rain or shine, pre-installed fenders protects from the weather, and a rear rack attachment lets you carry all of your things, whether you are going on a picnic or another type of outing or heading home from work! The X-Hunter offers an industry-leading hauling capacity of 330 lbs and accommodates all of your gear, from hunting gear to work supplies, thanks to its integrated heavy-duty fender and rear rack.

  • All-Terrain Fat Tires

Top-notch 20" x 4" tires for navigating various surfaces, including soft sand, snow, hardpack trails, and boulders. The X-Hunter fat-tires e-bike, which offers great grip, stability, and control on rocky paths, slippery slopes, and more, lets you confidently travel any surface. With 4" tires and an increase in front fork travel of more than 80mm, we have upped the comfort ante. Additionally, the X-Hunter water resistance and brilliant & informative LCD will give you peace of mind while riding.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

As always, we will give you a free, fully assembled eBike delivery to your door. Built to support riders to date, X-Hunter features a one-year guarantee by the best US-based customer service team.

The sale begins on September 14, so don't miss the chance! Get your X-Hunter for wilderness exploration.

X-Hunter Specifications:

Model: Jasion X-Hunter
Color: Black, White, and Gray
Frame Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Sitting Height: 79-97
Range: 40-54miles
Speed: 28mph
Gears: Shimano 7
Throttle: Thumb Throttle
Battery Capacity: 48V/13Ah
Charger: 54.6V/2A(6.5-7h)
Motor: 48V/750W
Motor Torque: 70-80nm
Tire: 20" x 4" Fat Tires
Controller: 48V、22A
Front Fork Spring shock absorber + Mechanical lock
Seat Post: Adjustable
Brake: 160mm Mechanical Disc Brake
Display: LCD
Foldable: YES
Frame: High-Step
Cadence Sensor: Yes
Pedal Assist Mode: 0-5
Front Headlight: 48V LED light
Tail Light: 48V LED light, brake light
Fender & Rear Rack: Yes
LCD: Yes
Weight: 32KG
Max Load: 330 lbs
Suggested Rider Height: 5'2"- 6'3"
Best For All-terrain


Four-bar Oil Spring Shock Absorber, Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

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